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AMAI 2.10 Player Edition
[ Скачать с сервера (387.8 Kb) ] 18.11.2006, 22:15
- AMAI 2.10 Player Edition -

== News ==

- Computers use more advanced attack tactics like different types of harassment and distraction attacks.

- Better support for Free For All by not allowing computers make use of "maphack" kind of cheat as much as usual.

- Computers use the new neutral hero Goblin Thinker in The Frozen Throne.

- Computers are better at selecting expansion location.

- Computers use shops smarter.

- Many small strategy optimizations.

Bug fixed:

Computers was unable to buy mercenaries.
Computers chose expansion location totaly random.
Malfunctioning island expansion function disabled.

== Compatibility ==

RoC 1.15
TFT 1.15

== Instructions ==
When you read this you should already have extracted the package and be on your way, but before we start just check so that you kept the directory structure when you extracted the files, see if the folder scripts are present in the same directory as this readme, if it's not there the installer will not let you install any version of AMAI. After you have seen to it let's continue with the installation.

First my suggestion is to create a subfolder in your "maps" folder like "maps\AMAI" and copy the maps you intend to use AMAI with there then start the installer "AMAI.exe".

The installer is simple to use, just 'browse' to the maps you want to use AMAI with and open them, then select what version of war3 you are going to use and set the other options to your liking before you hit the 'Install' button. (You can open multiple maps at once by holding shift or ctrl when selecting them in the browser)
Advanced Melee AI is made to be used on 'melee' maps only so please don't try to use it on towerdefence or such, it will make no difference to computers behavior on such custom maps.

After installing AMAI on your map just start Warcraft3: RoC or TFT and play the map against and/or with computers to make use of AMAI.

If you also installed The Commander to the map there will be language selection dialogs and a new gametype called "computers only" if you start a game with at least 1 allied computer and haven't made any default setting in Blizzard.j . In this game mode use 'ESC' to get the command menu.

== Advanced Settings ==

It's now possible to set a default language and gametype so the dialog will not appear when game starts, instead the setting you made will apply at once.
To find the settings edit and search for "game_mode" in the Blizzard.j file located directly in the same folder as this readme file. You should directly end up viewing the two rows below.

string language = "" // Possible values: "" (dialog), "English", "Deutsch", "Swedish", "French", "Spanish", "Romanian"
string game_mode = "" // Possible values: "" (dialog), "commander", "no_human", "ai_only"

Now enter a setting you prefer in one or both of these rows, an example will follow.

If you make the first row look like this:
string language = "English" // Possible values: "" (dialog), "English", "Deutsch", "Swedish", "French", "Spanish", "Romanian"

The language selection dialog will not show up again when the game starts, instead the specified language "English" will always be used by the computers.
The game_mode setting works exactly the same way but that setting will only apply if you play a game where different game modes are available like if you got an allied computer in the game, else the normal melee game type will always be used.

== Known Issues ==

There is a small 'LAG' near start of the game with AMAI, this is becuse AMAI scan the map to find out locations and paths to different things like mines for example. This is perfectly normal and nothing to be alarmed about.

If you try to install or uninstall AMAI on a map currently in use by warcraft3 or WorldEditor the installer will crash.

AMAI might require a lot of CPU power from your computer. Keep in mind that AMAI was mainly designed to be used with about 6 computers in the game at most, but AMAI will still work with 11 Computers in the same game but the AI will react slower to save performance and the game might still run slow if you don't have a very powerful computer.

== Contact ==
For AI gameplay bugs, translation offers and ideas for new AMAI features.
For strategy ideas, web page suggestions and installer support.

Visit AMAI Homepage for latest version and check whats new before making any complaints.

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Прошу помогите мне как поставить AMAI а то у меня чо то не получается отвечайте на имейл!
заранее спасибо

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